My family members have many talents. I am constantly amazed by the skills they possess. My sister-in-law recently became interested in making personal products like soap and lip balms. She uses all natural ingredients. I have used her creations and they are great. She has decided to sell them from home and I am going to help her out by posting her products whereever I can. Here is the info:

Cedar Ridge Soaps
Joan Taylor, Soapmaker

SOAP BARS – 5 oz

Ask about our free soap/shampoo sample packs!

Hand crafted soaps are gentle and contain all the moisture-
attracting glycerin your skin craves. Mild enough for a baby
and they smell great!

To use a shampoo bar, wet your hair and rub bar over it.
Lather up and forget a separate conditioner. You won’t need it!
Great for the environment – no bottle to throw away!
Soaps: $5.00 each – buy 4 (mix & match with shampoo bars) & get the 5th bar free!

Mocha Mint Kitchen Soap Smells just like a mint patty and removes smells like onions, garlic and bleach
Gardener’s Soap A nice herbal blend with poppy seeds and cornmeal to remove the toughest dirt
Oatmeal Cookie Just like Grandma’s kitchen!
Honey Almond Goat’s Milk A wonderful honey almond scent with soothing goat’s milk and oatmeal
Rose Facial Soap A rosey soap with pink kaolin clay to help remove impurities
Quit Buggin’ Me Camping anyone? The natural oils in this mild soap will help keep the bugs away
Soap/Shampoo Bars: $5.00 each – buy 4 (mix & match with soap bars) & get the 5th bar free!

Lavender What can we say? Everyone loves the clean, sweet, herbal smell of lavender
Lavender Patchouli Goat’s Milk Lavender plus the earthy, spicy smell of patchouli. It’s lavender with an attitude!
Peppermint & Tea Tree What better way to wake up in the morning?
Rosemary Cinnamon Swirl A spicy soap with cinnamon swirled throughout
Orange Blossom A nice balance between the crisp smell of orange and sweet ylang ylang
Lemon Zesty and fresh – what a pick-me-up!
Cotton Candy One sniff and you’ll imagine ferris wheels and merry-go-rounds!
Pet Shampoo Why not treat your pet to this extra gentle, bug repellant shampoo?
Unscented For those who prefer a mild soap and shampoo with no added scent
Lip Balms: $2.50 each

Chocolate Peppermint A soothing blend of cocoa butter, tea tree and peppermint to treat your lips
Citrus Punch A lemon and orange blast for your lips
Perfume Sticks: $3.00 each

Lavender Everyone’s favorite!
Rose Close your eyes and imagine yourself walking through a rose garden
Flower Child An earthy blend of lavender, patchouli and grassy scents
Cotton Candy Sweet smelling and fun!
To order: call 301-432-0292
or email: Cedar Ridge Soaps

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  1. Post this on over_forty also 🙂
    I think I will try some. Thanks.

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