Hormone Hell

Yes, that’s right, “Hormone Hell”. My mother hit menopause at age 45. I don’t mean the “pre-menopause”, I mean THE menopause. She stopped menstruating at that point. I am age 45. I first began having symptoms at age 30, then I became pregnant with my third child.

For the past several years (since winter of 2001), I have had significant symptoms. Sometimes the symptoms impair my daily functioning. I am choosing to “go through” this time naturally, as did my mother. When my heart races and I experience anxiety, I sometimes wonder if I could have some relief through medicinal means, but then it passes and I feel good that I have developed other methods of dealing with the symptoms – without medicine.

Sometimes I cannot wait to be officially declared “menopausal” (one year after your last period). But then again……

The most important thing for me to remember is that this is a natural and normal part of life. Ever since the death of my grandmother I think a lot more about our mortality and I try to cram in as many things as I can, knowing how little time I have, yet at the same time I attempt to balance that with savoring the many pleasures of life on this planet. I try to keep the mindset that each day is a new adventure with new things to learn and do. Enjoyment and happiness are at the top of my agenda. If I cannot have those, I cannot be an effective contributor to the global community.

And so I try to look at these bodily changes as another adventure with a new set of challenges, enjoyments, and wonders.

Attitude is everything.

Here are some useful sites on Menopause:
Minnie Pauz
Menopause and Beyond
Land O’Links – Menopause Online Resources
Early Menopause Symptoms
Menopause Links

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5 responses to “Hormone Hell

  1. Thank You
    Thank You for the synopsis of what you have been experiencing and for the links. I will check them out. I am also trying to do this without medication. My family is trying to understand and realize that when I am in my anxiety, snappy modes, or weepy modes to not take it personally. I have always been a pretty easy going gal.. but some days just snap over the littlest of things.
    LOL..he is a brief example.. My daughter and I are in a dept store..they are having big sale, and found some great things cheap.. so we are standing in line, and the register goes haywire. So the girl is trying to fix it.. pushing this.. pushing that.. what seemed like 10 mins later she calls the manager.. but by then I am like come on.. just shut it down and reboot it.. you know.. So the manager comes does all the same things the girl does..and says well we have to reboot.. was like duh.. could have done that 15 mins ago.. becuz she says it takes 15 mins to restart.. I just lost it.. Threw the clothes on the register.. My daughter was so embarrassed.. I said I am not waiting another 15 minutes lets go.. so she is grumbling thru the store..with the clothes because of course she doesn’t want to put them back… She says well let me wait in another line.. said go ahead I’ll be outside.. So I go outside for a few minutes.. come back in.. and right in front of everyone she says.. So MOMMMMMMMM… You done having a menopausal moment. Everyone started laughing…. Said sure am.. and smiled.
    But anyways.. I am going thru the mood swings.. still menastrating..but not regularly.. seems earlier every month.
    Thank You Again for the links.

  2. I’m way older than you are…
    Hi! I’m gathering up all my over-the-hill-gang and livening up Forty and up! I am Soooooo up. I will be 62 in October and have been LJing for more than 5 years. We’re having a contest to see who’s the oldest. Please come back and join us!

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