A mother’s job

Being a mother is like no other job in the world. One’s perspective and levels of stress and rewards definitely change with the advent of motherhood. It is indescribable.

Today my 20-year-old son, Greg, is having all his wisdom teeth extracted. Tom will be taking him to and from the dentist. I have left detailed instructions with him on how to contact me in case of an emergency and how to contact me if everything is o.k. (since I will be at work). I have also left instructions with Tom to leave his phone number with the dentist in case he has to leave while Greg is having his teeth pulled.

Tom makes harmless fun of me. “What if I go out into the parking lot for a smoke? Should I tell them to call me if there is an emergency?” he laughs.

Erma Bombeck related it best. She told a story of a visit with her mother. Erma shared with her mother her worries about her 19-year-old son who had moved out of the house but she still worried about him. “Mom, I thought when he moved out I wouldn’t worry as much. When does the worrying stop?” Erma’s mother gently patted Erma on the hand and said, “Just call me when you arrive home safely dear.”

Once a mother, ALWAYS a mother.

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