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Today’s hike!

We found lots of mushrooms today – the kind we like to eat (morels) and other kinds. Here are some photos:


Today Tom and I went hiking in Little Cottonwood Canyon in the Wasatch Mountains. It’s mushroom season, so we will be spending all our spare time hunting mushrooms. We hit the jackpot today – enough for dinner! We found oyster and morel mushrooms.

I’m glad I have been riding my bike a lot because I feel if fairly good shape for hiking, although I still need some work.

Here are a few photos:

A snake slithers away when it is alarmed by us walking by

Oyster mushrooms growing on a dead cottonwood tree stump

First hike of 2006

Today we took our first strenuous hike of the year, up Mt. Olympus, east of the Salt Lake Valley. It was great to get out and take a vigorous uphill climb.